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As a trauma informed and person centered agency, we can help you tap into your inherent strengths and uncover your true potential. We believe that recovery is possible and it starts with your willingness to get help. Our focus rest in helping you understand and resolve challenges in your life. Through enhancing your personal recovery tools, we can help you overcome life’s painful experiences and help you regain the life you deserve. Recovery is Possible!
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Bridging the Gap of America, Inc.

Believes that counseling is an essential part of drug abuse and addiction treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and other therapy approaches can help people recovering from any addiction.

We know that substance abuse and addiction can wreak havoc in one’s life. Many of client’s find themselves faced with challenges of having to restart their lives after addiction; some may have to fight to regain custody of their children; many of them have co-occurring mental illness that has lead to substance abuse and/or addiction. For some, addiction comes by way of biological, environmental, and social influences, but from my experience, we have learned that mental illness was present before addiction became a factor.

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As a trauma informed agency, our professionals are advanced in using person centered and motivational interviewing approaches to treatment. We have worked with hundreds of individuals and seen their recovery process begin and lead to regaining control over their lives.
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Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment
Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment
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Anger Management - 1:1
Parenting Classes - 8 weeks
Drug Education for Adolescents
DBT Informed Agency
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Our Mission

Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. mission is to provide education, prevention, intervention to foster family and community wellness to Veterans, Adults and adolescents.

But I must first explain the cycle of addiction and how addiction and mental illness oftentimes goes hand-in-hand. In the cycle of addiction there are several stages before a person gets help. We are here to join you once you take that big step. As you begin in our agency, you are greeted by compassionate professionals that will guide you through the entire process. Counselors are ready to assist you with addiction, mental illness, and behavioral modifications if present. Oftentimes in addiction, there is a pleasure reward that keeps the individual returning to the stimulus that produces pleasure. We believe that our solution will help you discover ways to redesign your pleasure reward system and regain your life. We understand that addiction affects the total individual and family and we are here to assist you to regaining control.

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